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Blog Design Post

I tried to integrate WordPress to another site, but could never get it to work visually. Since it’s so easy to use, though, especially from a server-direct installation, I thought I’d give it another shot with this site… we’ll see how it goes, shall we?

UPDATE: Two hours later: Well, that was smoother than the first time I tried it. As you can see, it doesn’t exactly match the rest of my site but, using the WYSIWYG WordPress Admin panel, it’s far more customizable than it was several years ago. Eventually I’ll attempt to learn a little more WordPress and “fix” it to align seamlessly, but as long as I have a working blog, that’s way down on my To-Do list. I’d rather spend my time actually writing!

As my nephew says “it’s better to have a finished project than a perfect project”. If I could apply that philosophy to my writing, I’d have four books by now instead of two and three-quarters!

From a purely geeky standpoint, the Fatcow server install was ultra-easy, unlike a couple of the other scripts I’ve tried (b2e, etcetera). I’m not sure how it would have worked in pure html, but my site’s already in php, so it slid right in. Which surprised the Bejesus out of me after having read the “Before you install” documentation on the WordPress site. (I’m easily intimidated by SQL!)

So, thank you, Fatcow & WordPress!