Is “Further Reading” appendix appropriate for Fiction?

Does “More Info” ALWAYS equal Non-Novel?

I got a very interesting response from a reader today. Said reader, henceforth referred to as “Penelope”, gifted me with multiple insightful comments and I’d like to be absolutely clear that I mean intellectually “interesting” and not “stupid”. Penelope’s response to discovering my penultimate “Further Reading” appendix was to assume that “Perjury and Prose” is a fictionalized memoir.

MY response is one long string of questions.
Did I make a fictional faux pas?
Are additional resources only offered to readers of non-fiction titles?

When I stop to think about it, I don’t know if I’ve seen similar sections in other fiction. I can go google it, of course, but I’m interested in other writer/reader responses. Is this a categorical no-no and should it be?

The main character in P&P- Auden- is damaged, physically and psychologically. Some of her issues are a “Big Deal”. I did a good deal of research and used professional knowledge gained over three decades working in science and medicine. I felt readers might benefit from more information. Possibly someone will learn something, not a bad concept, to my way of thinking.

Do I need to clarify this prior to offering the information? Because Auden’s story is definitely not my own.

Auden’s injuries are serious and the topics addressed are weighty ones, so I’m leaving the addendum in “Perjury and Prose”. I’d feel sincerely negligent if I didn’t provide resources. Maybe that’s a career hangover, maybe it’s just good karma. But has anyone else had similar concerns and how have you handled them?

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